It was time for a first performance together with CILLA. So in this release you can hear the result of father and douchter working together on this track. We wanted to make a good techno track and we think it has become a bouncing techno track! The other prodrucers on basscontrollism wanted to make a couple of remixes wich you can also find on this release. We also thought it would be nice to make a little video clip to go along with it . It is not released yet but here you have the premiere of the track. So this is another release by Basscontrollism.

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  • Traumatizing
  • 03-03-2022
  • 6
  • EP
  • Basscontrollism
  • Melodic techno
  • DJMarz, Audiunt, Orphean, Si Brown, and Basscontroll

To be Released on this label